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Chief Awesome Officer Awards 2019

Date: 31 January 2019

Each month, since 2014 we celebrate the awesome work of our clients, suppliers and contacts by awarding a Chief Awesome Officer (CAO) Award.

This blog lists our monthly CAO’s and the reasons why they are so AWESOME!

June & July 2019 – Tim Brammer & Chris Smith

We have combined June and July’s Chief Awesome Officer awards for two members of the Let’s do Business Group organisation.

Thank you to Tim Brammer at Business East Sussex for his totally awesome advice for our business. He and Emma have had 12 hours discussing business finances which has been very useful indeed.

Ask the Business East Sussex team about 12 hours of mentoring for your business.  Call 0844 415 2260 or email

Big thanks to Chris Smith from Business East Sussex for being completely awesome too. He’s helping SMEs in East Sussex with applying for a Marketing Grant.

Chris is currently helping a number of businesses we have recommended speak to him. You too can have an awesome £1-£2k’s worth of free marketing strategy and web design work under the scheme.

(Minimum project spend of £3350 to qualify for £1k refund as a grant.) This is a short term, limited pot of grant funding (via South East Business Boost – SEBB). Contact us to find out more and we’ll give you the hotline number for Chris!

May 2019 – Andrew McMillan

Chief Awesome Officer May 10 image | Pearce Marketing

Our Chief Awesome Officer Award for May goes to Andrew McMillan. He was the keynote speaker at the recent Best4Biz conference, where he gave an awesome talk about ‘Growth Through World Class Customer Service’. As former Head of Customer Service at John Lewis, along with being a consultant in employee engagement and customer experience for global brands, he shared many valuable insights.

Key takeaways were:

Employees before customers – give your team members a fabulous experience and that will reflect out to the customer experience they provide to your clients. At John Lewis this included making staff shareholders and regularly listening to them and implementing their ideas

Hire by attitude – employ people by design. Ensure job descriptions reinforce your values. Be clear on the personality of your business and the customer experience you strive to provide. Use interview questions to help determine if that person will fit

Find your Why? – What is it that you do that makes a difference to your customers in terms of customer service?

Excellent customer service – Can you empower your staff and enable them to respond quickly? Can they do what they think is right to give a good experience? You will need “structure to have spontaneity.” It’s all about “brilliant basics” and “magic touches” – it’s simple in some ways, but not always easy to execute.

April 2019 – Tomango

Chief Awesome Officer

Our Chief Awesome Officer for April goes to Mark Vaesen from Tomango! Mark has been awesome by kindly continuing to refer us to help his clients with GDPR marketing requirements.

March 2019 – Relativity

CAO - Gordon - March 2019

This months award goes to Gordon Mankelow at Relativity.

Totally awesome support for one of our clients with Zoho Campaign and other email deliverability questions.

All solved – thank you Gordon – awesomeness indeed!

February 2019 – Studio Seager

Chief Awesome Officer - Feb 2019 - Pearce Marketing

Our Chief Awesome Officer for February goes to Mike from Studio Seager! We had an awesome day with Mike earlier this week filming a promotional video for our website – which we can’t wait to share. Mike’s awesomeness extends to CGI and visual effects! Check out their latest showreel.

January 2019 – Lets Do Business Group/Business East Sussex

????Our first Chief Awesome Officer Award for 2019 goes to the Let’s Do Business Group/Business East Sussex team????

A big thank you for being so awesome managing the SEBB scheme. We’re enjoying working with so many different businesses giving free marketing planning advice.

You must be putting a huge smile on so many business owners faces giving so much free business advice and support. Totally awesome service! ????

To find out more read our blog or contact the SEBB team on 08444152272 or email

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