Who are insight6?

insight6 is a UK-wide company providing customer experience (CX) services. They design and deliver some of the most advanced feedback programmes in the world. Offering CX workshops, business mentoring sessions, training and focus groups.

Marketing Goals

We were engaged by insight6 to run a digital campaign promoting a survey across 12 locations for their large professional services client.

They wanted to achieve 1000 survey responses. The feedback would allow them to gather insights into which locations have strong brand awareness and identify areas that need improvement. Enabling the client to develop their brand strategy and marketing tactics moving forward.

“Chloe’s communication and organisation were great right from the offset. Having the shared workspaces she created where we could collaborate together was really useful.”

The Plan

The work began with creating a clear digital marketing strategy to get the most amount of survey responses. We decided the best tactics to use were Facebook and Instagram ads and posting in Facebook Groups.

We researched the Facebook targeting for the ads to see the size of the audiences. Then researched appropriate Facebook groups across the 12 locations.

In total we ran 5 Facebook ads with each ad having 3 different creatives (two images and a video). We were able to see which ad performed the best in terms of engagement and clicks. We then used this image or video and messaging in a number of Facebook groups since we knew this resonated with the audience the most.

How insight6 Bloomed

In total there were 2550 survey responses with 504 of these from the first 3 days. As a result of the total number of responses, insight6’s client could clearly see in which of the 12 locations they had strong brand awareness and identify areas that needed improvement. They have now started to develop a strategy moving forward to target these areas.

“Chloe was excellent throughout. The results that we achieved using Pearce Marketing were above my expectations and I would wholly and actively encourage others to use them!”

Paul Matthews, Customer Experience Director Sussex at insight6

If you would like to hear what your prospects, customers or staff think about your business, to help you stay ahead of the game and build loyal advocates, we provide independent research via online or face to face interviews, focus groups, online surveys and feedback tools.

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