Worth School

125 hugely informative survey responses from parents of selected year groups

Parents gave frank, personal and useful insights which we have been able to progress into discussions and solutions within Worth School, which has benefited our current students as well as future students.

We look forward to working with Chloe and the team at Pearce Marketing again.

Lizzie Coyne, Marketing and Communications at Worth School

Who is Worth School?

Worth School is a private boarding and day Catholic school for pupils, from 11 to 18 years of age, based in Crawley, West Sussex. The school is set in 500 acres of beautiful countryside. Their values encourage pupils to be ambitious, to strive for academic success and to develop a love of learning.

Marketing Goals

We were engaged by Worth School to undertake an end-of-year survey. The team wanted to gather honest feedback from parents with children in Years 8, 11 and 13, to identify where the school was performing well, highlight areas for improvement and measure interest in potential new service provisions.

This would enable them to truly understand their clients’ feelings and perceptions, make changes where needed and reach their goal of continuously improving.

Pearce Marketing worked closely with the marketing department here at Worth School in the summer of 2023. We wanted to develop and confirm the lines of questioning that would be most helpful to the school in terms of forward planning and ensuring the most positive experience for our students and their families.

Our aim was to build on questions from previous years, add new areas of focus including the efficiency of communication with parents, as well as gauge interest in our plans for increased provision of flexible boarding.

We weighed up carefully which areas of questioning should be left open to wider interpretation and comments, and this element of the survey proved particularly useful.

The Plan

The work began with outlining a clear strategy to get the most valuable feedback and the ideal schedule to maximise responses.

We decided we needed a clear and concise survey that allowed parents to freely express their thoughts, but also had questions that we could easily measure and compare, via tick box answers, for example.

We worked with Lizzie at Worth School developing the combination of qualitative and quantitative questions, while ensuring the survey was not too long.

We used Survey Monkey, the School’s preferred tool over recent years, to gather the research from parents. It provides a good choice of question styles and great reporting.

Throughout the survey we kept track of the performance, highlighting year groups that had a lower number of responses, so the school could email the survey link out again.

We were also on hand to speak with parents who had questions about the survey, which helped demonstrate the school’s commitment to ensuring the survey results were as independent as possible and not influenced by them.

How Worth School Bloomed

In total, there were 125 survey responses, which the Worth School team were delighted with.

The combination of open and closed questions provided more in-depth results. Each survey contained hugely insightful data that can drive decisions that are implemented quickly, as well as shape upcoming plans and services. There are also great stats that can be used in their marketing messaging.

By Worth School undertaking these surveys, it also develops their relationships with families and ensures parents feel valued by having their thoughts listened to. 


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