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4 Reasons Why Customer Feedback is Essential for Business Success

Date: 15th June 2021

Customer feedback is so important for managing your business successfully. Whatever business you are in. It’s not just a ‘nice-to-have’ marketing add on. 


Understanding your customers is vital for aiding decision-making, increasing customer satisfaction and more… here’s four reasons why you need to have a structured customer feedback process.  


1. Improve your processes to protect future sales

If you don’t ask, you won’t know what your prospects and customers think of their experience of interacting with your business. 

Customer feedback can highlight areas in need of improvement in your business/sales processes that you can act on and fix instantly to protect your business’ reputation. It could be something small and easy to amend, but it makes a huge difference to your clients. 

Sometimes the feedback can be very detailed and give great insights into the customer journey. 

If you haven’t asked for feedback, you could lose that customer and future clients forever – and they’ll tell others about their negative experiences too – further damaging your business.


2. Gain positive testimonials to encourage new clients

Undertaking customer feedback is extremely useful in gaining more positive testimonials.

Having plenty of good testimonials on your company website, social media, Google reviews and other industry-specific review platforms (Trustpilot, Checkatrade, Tripadvisor etc.), always sends a powerful and reassuring message to new prospects. 

They are more likely to commit to purchase if they can see peer reviews on the quality of your products, along with what level of service they can expect when working with your business.

And there’s another bonus benefit – by having Google Reviews (and great comments on other platforms) you’ll boost your position in search results on Google too. 


3. Demonstrate that you listen and have integrity

By putting effort into collecting customer feedback you will be demonstrating that you value your clients’ opinion. This shows integrity in that you want to continue to adapt and improve your business to ensure your clients are absolutely happy. 


4. Rewarding employees

Customer feedback is also hugely beneficial for internal practices.

Reports of good performance by your team can be used by management in team training, for rewarding individuals and boosting morale.  


How to get started with Customer Feedback

At Pearce Marketing, we highly recommend using a cost-effective, affordable and functionally-rich customer feedback tool called Instant Insight. It’s great for managing real-time feedback and getting more reviews.

Here’s how it works:

  • Create a short customer survey with about 3 bespoke questions and send a link to clients in a personalised email at the right moment and frequency to suit your business
  • When your customers give positive feedback, the tool will automatically copy their comments and encourage them to click a link to add this to your priority review platform
  • You are alerted to any negative feedback and can address that immediately
  • View a clear data dashboard of results, along with reporting for the performance of individual employees, teams and sites/offices to use for appraisals and internal reward schemes

Sounds good doesn’t it? Find out more about the instant insight tool and get your customer feedback strategy up and running!

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    1. I totally agree, all this helps the business but it is also the key. Sometimes, among so much technology, we lose the human part. What’s more, trying to process the claims with different softwares, and point nº3 that you mentioned seems to me the most important. Above all, that there is person listening to you and not a robot with pre-programmed questions.

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