Totally Canine Training

Who are Totally Canine Training?

Totally Canine Training offer practical and hands-on 1-2-1 dog training. Based in the South Downs, they specialise in scent training, scurry, working dogs and solving challenging dog behaviour.

Marketing Goals

Totally Canine Training was a relatively new business. So their main aim was to raise awareness of the brand in the local area. They also wanted to increase their customer base and promote a new service that would make an ideal Christmas gift.

“We wanted to grow awareness of our business and we knew a cost-effective way to do this was through social media, especially advertising. However, we did not have the skillset in house which is why we wanted to work with Pearce Marketing. They always have up to date knowledge which they openly share.

From the initial meeting they were friendly and approachable which was another reason it felt like a good fit”.

The Plan

By asking the right questions from the offset and really delving into their customer base, we were able to discover their ideal target market. We discussed a variety of marketing tactics and the best way to target these specific people – we felt that social media advertising would be the ideal route to reach their target audience.

We were then able to start searching on Facebook Ads Manager for the advert audience. Identifying the right age range, interests and behaviours. It was then time to start on the actual advert itself, writing the ad copy, the image creative and the call to action.

The Facebook advert went live and ran for just under a month with a total ad spend of £150.

How Totally Canine Training Bloomed

The Facebook advert generated a total of £7,500 worth of sales (direct sales for the product promoted, as well as sales of alternative products/courses).  Over 5000 people saw the advert and there was a 1.47% CTR (click through rate) and 1320% return on investment/return on ad spend (ROAS).  

Totally Canine Training saw an increase in customers and the company’s awareness was raised in the local area. They also saw that customers who had booked due to seeing the ad went on to book some of their other services. As well as recommending Totally Canine Training to their friends and family.

“Emma and the team at Pearce Marketing have been fantastic and instrumental in supporting the growth and visibility of our business. From the marketing audit to the review of the highly successful Facebook campaign they have always asked the right questions, made the right strategic suggestions, trained thoroughly and delivered everything they said they would.

Really looking forward to the next phase. Highly, highly recommend working with Pearce Marketing”.

Debbie, MD at Totally Canine Training

If you would like help with reaching your specific target audiences with social​ media ads ​while ensuring you get the results you want, we can help. We’re experienced marketing consultants that provide social media marketing advice and management for SMEs in East Sussex and beyond, get in touch today.

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