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Have you tried social media advertising for your business? We’re experienced marketing consultants that provide social media marketing advice and management for SMEs in East Sussex and beyond.

Social media advertising has been a very useful form of social media marketing in recent times. It’s targeted, measurable and cost-effective.

We’ve used it successfully for a number of clients including:

  • retailers selling garden products, jewellery, fabrics and dog training vouchers
  • hotels promoting wedding events
  • a business coach promoting their services to a specific sector with a free downloadable resource
  • a wellbeing centre advertising a therapist’s room to rent
  • a charity promoting it’s retail stores across East Sussex
  • and a home care company recruiting a significant number of carers in a specific area in Essex.

We often help Sussex-based businesses in and around Eastbourne, Bexhill, Lewes, Uckfield, Heathfield, Hailsham and Newhaven, for example.  But we can work with you wherever you are in the UK!

If you’d prefer some training in social media advertising, rather than one of our marketing support packages, we can help you with that too!

Social Media Advertising Case Study Pearce Marketing agency East Sussex

Social Ads Case Study

Totally Canine Training

Facebook advert generated £7,500 worth of sales.

Over 5000 people saw the advert and there was a 1.47% CTR (click through rate) and 1320% return on investment/return on ad spend (ROAS).

How could Social Media Marketing benefit my business?

There are very few businesses that wouldn’t benefit from social media marketing and advertising. Ads on these platforms are:

  • Targeted – You can reach your exact audiences via social ads. The targeting is so extensive. For example, it includes:
    • Interests (such as sports, magazines, competitors, lifestyle, TV programmes etc.)
    • Demographics (such as age, gender, job title, parents of children aged x-y etc.)
    • Location (even to street level!)
    • Website actions (for example, if someone visits your website and leaves without making contact, they can be shown an ad on social media to entice them to come back! This is known as remarketing.)
  • Measurable – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter all have fantastic reporting and measurement tools. You can track website clicks, engagements, demographics and conversions (such as purchasing something, viewing a specific web page or downloading a form). This is all great for continually refining your advertising.
  • Cost-effective – You don’t have to spend a fortune on social media marketing ads – particularly remarketing ads – and it’s easy to switch spend on and off. You can set a budget that suits you, although there are recommended minimum spends and durations to ensure you give the platforms enough time to ‘learn’ and for you to get data to make a business decision. You can specify to only be charged when someone acts upon your ad (such as clicking on it).

Remarketing Social Ads – How do they work?

Remarketing ads are the most cost-effective – you’re essentially targeting ‘warm’ leads. Here’s how a remarketing ad works:

  • Potential customer visits your website (where you have installed a pixel – a bit of code from the social media platform)
  • They leave your site without calling you/checking out
  • They later then go onto their social media account
  • Your pre-prepared social media remarketing ad is automatically shown to them to recapture their interest
  • The potential customer then returns to your website and hopefully makes a purchase/signs up etc.!

Results and ROI from Social Media Marketing Ads?

We have helped a diverse range of businesses with setting up and running their social media advertising. These include the hospitality industry, ecommerce/retail, a local charity, the care sector, b2b business services and more…

We have seen some really great ROI and ROAS (return on ad spend) statistics over recent times. 

Thank you for your excellent support creating a social media advert campaign. The Wedding Fair was a huge success, we have already taken several bookings. All exhibitors mentioned the fantastic social media campaign.

– Emma Chamberlain, Gildredge Manor, Eastbourne, East Sussex

Fabric Online Retailer

14.5 x ROI/ROAS
Early-pandemic conversion and remarketing campaign

Nursery Meals Provider

Web clicks ad – 2128 clicks
Leads ad – £3.63 cost per lead

Personal Care Ecommerce

Monthly ad spend £5-6k
Up to 3.52 ROAS on conversion ads
604k people reached and 17,259 link clicks in 1 month

East Sussex Charity

1747 clicks on ad = 12p cost per click
113% up on web traffic compared to previous month


Remarketing ROAS = 25.86
Xmas ad campaign ROAS = 4.53

Coaching Business

Pilot ad campaign
50 forms submitted on website – essentially 50 new leads

We Offer:


We can create tailored social media advertising campaigns for your business. Plus we’ll report back on your engagement and ROI.


If you’re already creating and managing ads for your business, why not get a fresh pair of eyes to review them? We can suggest improvements…

Ask a question about social media marketing

Please don’t hesitate to ask us any questions you have about social media advertising. We’re very happy to help.

Our offices are on the outskirts of Hailsham, East Sussex, but we love working with businesses across the county including Eastbourne, Hastings, Bexhill, Lewes, Heathfield, Crowborough, Uckfield and further afield.

Find out more about the team at Pearce Marketing and the range of marketing services and training we offer.

Pearce Marketing has been instrumental in supporting the growth of our business. From the marketing audit to the delivery of a highly successful Facebook ad campaign, they have always made the right strategic suggestions, trained thoroughly and delivered everything they said they would. Excellent ROI.

– Debbie Greenfield, Totally Canine Training, Polegate, East Sussex

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