Since 2014 we have been celebrating the awesome work of our suppliers, customers and contacts by awarding a monthly Chief Awesome Officer (CAO) Award.

This blog lists our monthly CAO’s and the reasons why they are so AWESOME!


December 2018 – Ken Perry and Michael Tyrell

Chief Awesome Officer December 18Huge thanks to Ken Perry from Team Interiors and Michael Tyrell from Simply Beautiful Print for their help with our office move. Totally awesome design and delivery from both!

Ken cleverly designed our new office space and installed all our new and existing furniture. Great advice on new items to be cost effective and stylish too.

Michael created all our new signage – inside and out. We love our newly installed vinyl wallpaper – our ‘tree’ is a wonderful feature wall in our meeting room.

We are delighted with everything you both did and it all looks amazing. Your awesomeness is much appreciated!

Merry Christmas all!



November 2018 – Matt Bigwood and John McCarthy

Chief Awesome Officers November 2018Thanks to John McCarthy at jmc3 and Matt at Print Matters for inviting us to work with them on marketing projects at a private school in Kent.

This month we want to recognise how awesome these guys are – designing 10 publications and printing 6900 in total! Everything from prospectuses to GCSE course booklets, sticker sheets, banners and publication folders.

So much thought and effort has gone into the way everything works together. Absolute awesomeness!

October 2018 – Anna Kiff

Anna Kiff Chief Awesome Officer

Anna joined us for two weeks of work experience in October.

She was awesome and got stuck into every task! Gaining insights into marketing admin, SEO, design, GDPR for marketing, MailChimp, Facebook advertising and exhibitions!

Thank you Anna for being an awesome part of the team. We wish you the best of luck starting your degree in marketing and management next year!

September 2018 – Avril Chester

Our Chief Awesome Officer for September was Avril Chester founder of Cancer Central!

Cancer Central is an awesome Technology Social Enterprise with a mission to help everyone affected by cancer.

Cancer Central is one centralised source of information, signposting to products, services and support available from the Private, Public and Not for Profit sector.

Do you know any business or organisation that helps those affected by cancer etc…  Please register with this fantastic new website that brings all cancer-related information into one central place online…

Well done Avril – an awesome force for good.

August 2018 – Reid Schretlen & Jack Farrant

Our Chief Awesome Officers for August were Reid and Jack from Practice Ignition! They have been busy helping set up our new online proposal and digital acceptance system. We always love smart cloud solutions. Totally recommend the awesome support from these guys.

June 2018 – Petrina Mayson

Chief Awesome Officer - Petrina Mayson | Pearce Marketing, East Sussex.After 5 awesome years at Now! Charity, Petrina will soon be leaving to start her next adventure. Petrina has put in so much hard work and dedication over the years and has helped thousands of local people. Everyone at Pearce Marketing wishes you all the best and you are definitely totally awesome!

May 2018 – Laura Ellis and Drew Sayer

After a looong month of GDPR, we have to give the Chief Awesome Officer award to both Drew at Neptune Media and Laura at Lilyflair Web… Thank you for your collaborative work with GDPR website amendments for many clients!

April 2018 – Craig Bird

CAO Pearce Marketing, East Sussex

Craig from Connect Digital Security teamed up with Emma at the beginning of March to co-present at a GDPR seminar. he gave an awesome presentation on the IT implications for GDPR that was hugely well received and easy to understand.

Craig and his team also support Pearce Marketing with IT support and all our G Suite cloud platform, as well as handling all our end-point and network security. (Craig has now established a second business called CloudTech24 for IT support.)

Craig is a highly respected expert in IT security and has an impressive career history in this area with major organisations. Awesome skills in today’s world!


March – Penina Shepherd & Ben Rose

Penina and Ben teamed up with Emma at the beginning of March to co-present at a GDPR seminar. They gave an awesome presentation on the legal implications for GDPR that was hugely well received and easy to understand. They have also been supporting Pearce Marketing with legal advice for GDPR and creating our new Terms and Conditions. Awesome service!

Acumen is a specialist business law firm that took the bold move to scrap the traditional hourly rate system and operate a fixed fee-pricing model. This went hand in hand with a fresh approach across the firm – no secretaries or pretensions of any sort!


February – Jim Bruckshaw

Jim set up and has run a successful B2B networking group since 2005 called ‘Business Cornerstones’. It’s awesome because it is a team of (27) experienced business development and business management specialists. Each is a successful ‘Cornerstone’ in their respective area of business specialisation.

Jim’s other awesomeness includes organising two events open to all businesses each year (including GDPR event that sold out very quickly). He also runs his own business, ‘Business Cornerstones Business Development, Planning and Mentoring’ which can provide the solutions to all your business & marketing issues, planning, and direction. On a project basis or on-going support, expertise is provided to help your business respond to the ever-changing needs of your market.


January – Martin Riley

CAO January, Pearce Marketing, East Sussex

Our Chief Awesome Officer for January is Martin Riley from Martin Riley leadership & business development. Emma had an awesome Business Planning coaching session with Martin last week. She quickly gained the focus, clarity, and priorities she was seeking.

He has also developed an awesome online tool for business planning called ‘The Business Jet Engine’. This shows how the many parts of a business fit together and how each affects the other.




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