Hygenie Washrooms

1683% increase in people reached  |  189% increase in followers and  |  325% increase in engagement

Pearce Marketing looked into our needs and did a package to suit and we have had great results. I now believe in SEO and have seen the results in a large increase in enquiries. I would highly recommend them!

Cosette Wright, Managing Director at Hygenie

Who is Hygenie?

Hygenie Washrooms offer a range of fantastic services and innovative and eco products to ensure your washrooms and business premises are as hygienic as they can be. Based in Leicester, they work across the Midlands and much of the UK.

They have such a breadth of clients, including Universities and Colleges, Nurseries, Care Homes, Hotels, Gyms, Offices, Theatres and more.

Marketing Goals

Social Media

  • They wanted to have a clear and structured social media plan/schedule to vary their content and post more of what their followers engage with
  • The aim of the social media plan was to increase their following and engagement.


  • With the launch of their online shop, they wanted their products to rank on page 1 of Google.

I have used SEO companies before, however they did not bother to conduct a thorough review of our business and keywords.

Cosette Wright, Managing Director at Hygenie

The Plan

For Social Media
It started by reviewing all of the content they had on social media to see what was working well already. We then carried out research and put our creative hats on to come up with new ideas.

It was then time to put together an easy-to-follow social media schedule and plan with social media growth in mind. This plan included our recommendation of setting up a company Instagram page too.

After comprehensive SEO research, we set to work optimising the products in their online shop. As the products could be bought UK-wide, it was a tricky task to compete with many other online retailers (such as Amazon, eBay etc!). But we’ve seen great success…

How Hygenie Bloomed

Social Media

In the last 6 months, their Facebook page alone has seen a 1683% increase in people reached, a 189% increase in followers and a 325% increase in engagement. Since creating an Instagram business profile, their content is reaching hundreds of people per month and we’re  seeing a great amount of engagement, both from clients, suppliers and prospective customers.


Some SEO projects are extremely quick to start seeing results – especially those that include geographic-related ‘local’ searches. But as Hygenie’s products can be bought all across the UK, it was much more competitive to rank. Time was needed to continually improve these products and, as you can see from the graph, slowly but surely our work paid off and they are seeing great results.

As of today, Hygiene has 12 of their products on page 1 of Google for the whole of the UK, and 7 products on page 2 (these are continuing to improve too – so we anticipate them being on page 1 very soon!). 

Their website traffic has also increased by 145.89% in the last 6 months!

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