SEO Services in East Sussex

If your website is not visible in Google search results when prospects are looking for your products or services, in your target area, you need professional local SEO Services.

It’s such a waste of your investment in your website if it remains hidden isn’t it?

From our office, located between Hailsham and Eastbourne in East Sussex,  we help small and medium sized businesses with flexible local SEO Services (Search Engine Optimisation).

Choose our SEO package, or simply utilise our hourly rate for a specific SEO task and/or SEO training, or create your own tailored mix of support to suit you.

Many business owners do not know how to check if their website has had any SEO work. And many have had negative experiences with SEO services from other companies.

Our SEO Services Promise

We promise that we can very quickly check the basic SEO status of your website and gladly explain how we do it. Why not request a free SEO Check of your website? Our SEO Services are absolutely transparent and flexible. We also offer SEO training for key tasks.

That said, there are many elements to our local SEO services. And no one can guarantee your position in Google’s rankings. But we can give you solid advice and support.

SEO Case Study

Zebedees – Nursery Catering

As a result of our SEO work and the website updates, their website saw a 62.3% increase in users after just a few weeks of the SEO being live.

Zebedees are now on page 1 of Google for 43 keywords.

Our recent local SEO sucesses:

History Topic Boxes

Within 6 weeks in early 2021, our client offering History Topic Boxes in schools, were appearing on page 1 of Google for 73 out of 97 key phrases.

Financial Advisor

A financial adviser is ranking on page 1 of Google for nearly 500 keywords – they have a lot of services, targeted at a number of locations. They’ve seen a huge 88% increase in website visitors!

Nursery Meals

A nursery meals company is now appearing on page 1 of Google for 43 keywords and has seen a 62.3% increase in website usersafter just a few weeks of the SEO being live.

Beachside Hotel

A beachside Hotel in Bexhill, East Sussex, is appearing on page 1 of Google for 43 key phrases and website visitors have increased by 265.2% over the period we have worked with them!

Promotional Merchandise

A promotional merchandise company was delighted to see that it is on page 1 of Google for all 12 of its key phrases and three key county locations within 6 weeks.

Vending Machine Company

A vending machine company who operate in a variety of locations in the South East are now on page 1 for 113 keywords. Their website users increased by 79.6%!

Request an SEO check for your website

Unsure if you have the essential SEO elements in place on your website?

Let us check and feedback to you with clear and simple explanations – No obligation at all 😊

We’d love to help you feel confident in your marketing!

SEO Services Package

Kick-Off & Keywords

Meeting / Strategic Objectives

Comprehensive keyword research

Plan of action

Typically £399 – £469+VAT


Essential Set Up

Access to all Google and other platforms (Google Analytics etc.)

Baseline checks

Tailored reports creation

from £249+VAT


On-Page Optimisation

Text for SEO fields

Optimising web copy

Image alt tags & updating Google

from £249+VAT per page
including one free SEO ranking report


Recommended Extras

Schema Markup

Online profiles optimisation (Google, Bing & Social)

Backlinks / Citations

SEO measurement & maintenance package

SEO upload to website

£ask about options

See our blogging packages.

All prices exclude VAT

In 4 years I had 2 clients ‘find’ me through Google. Within 2 weeks of Pearce Marketing working on my SEO, I’d had 3 new clients find me through Google which more than paid for the work they did for me. I still regularly get found on Google and most of those convert in to solid clients. I can’t recommend Pearce Marketing highly enough!

– Debbie Silvester, Eckington HR, nr Hailsham, East Sussex

What SEO Services are right for my business?

Our SEO services package has been created to suit a business with either a small website or a company with a huge number of web pages.

You can choose to optimise just one page, or only those pages related to a certain product or service range, or all the core pages of your website.

It may be that you’d like to undertake some elements of SEO work yourself. We’ll happily work out the split of roles and responsibilities and give you a proposal. This could include some SEO training if required.

Whatever happens we’re here to help and super flexible in what we offer. So if you just need some support with keyword research (because we pay for a tool to get specific search data), that’s fine!

What’s included in the SEO Services Package?

Our SEO Services Package includes the fundamental and essential elements for informing Google about your business! Here’s a taster…

  • It’s essential that you have a Google Business Profile – and fully populate it with all your business information. It’s a good idea to regularly update it too with any new data and photos and get Google reviews from clients (here’s a great tool to help with gaining customer feedback and positive online reviews on Google and other important platforms). We can give you more advice on this and talk about your Bing Business Page too.
  • Before you can optimise any web pages you need to know what key words/phrases and locations you want to rank for. We’ll discuss your business objectives and undertake keyword research to enable us to determine which key terms you are focusing on. And which page of your website each one will be assigned to.
  • Our SEO services also include writing the unique page title and page description fields for each page of your website. Google refers to this SEO page title when it first starts to determine which websites may be appropriate in response to a person’s search.
  • Another important step is ensuring that you optimise your web copy. Each page of your website should include the chosen key phrase(s) in the right places and enough times – without keyword stuffing.
  • Then there’s backlinks and citations – this is where your web site URL link and/or company name, address and phone number are listed on another website (linking ‘back’ to your site). This gives Google indicators that your website is reputable and contains good content – because others want to link to it.

There are lots of other factors that also influence SEO. A few to bear in mind are whether your website is mobile friendly, if it is regularly updated, whether you are active on social media, have positive online reviews and good site speed (ie your pages load quickly).

Talk to us about SEO Services in East Sussex

Our SEO consultants are happy to give you a brief overview of the core elements of SEO – whether you are in East Sussex or further afield.

As the business owner/Director, we understand that it’s important for you to understand the principles before engaging a company to deliver SEO services.

We are based between Eastbourne and Hailsham in East Sussex and help SME’s of all types with their local SEO. But some clients come from Berkshire and Birmingham as a result of recommendations too.

So if your business is in Bexhill, Hastings, Heathfield, Lewes, Crowborough, Uckfield, Newhaven or other neighbouring towns, please do get in touch. And if you’re further away, we can easily offer our SEO Services remotely by phone, email and video calls.

Read more about the Pearce Marketing team, our suite of marketing services and request your free SEO check.

When we rebranded, we needed a new website and wanted to be sure it was easily found online. I contacted Pearce Marketing for SEO assistance. My company now ranks on the first page of Google for all the relevant searches.

– Emma Fox, Fresh Financials, Lewes, East Sussex

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