Ninja Arena

239% spike in Party bookings  |  103% increase in Mini Morning bookings  |  94% increase in Adult Session bookings

Since Pearce marketing has taken over our social media content, we’ve seen enormous increases in engagement, popularity and conversion from social media posts. Pearce Marketing has worked closely with our website designers to take our digital profile to the next level.

Chloe has been our main point of contact and has been phenomenal with ideas, execution and social media strategy.

I‘d thoroughly recommend Pearce Marketing to any business looking to increase their visibility online or to manage social media pages and advertising.

Andy, General Manager, Ninja Arena

Who are Ninja Arena?

Ninja Arena is an airpark for all ages, they are located in Eastbourne, East Sussex. It’s a great activity and venue for people to keep fit, burn off all that excess energy or simply have a fun family day out.

They have a range of different events throughout the week including Mini Mornings and Adult Only evenings.

Marketing Goals

Ninja Arena’s main goal was to have a clear and structured social media plan and schedule in place. Another priority was for their organic content to contain a mixture of images and to start utilising videos. Ninja Arena wanted their content to be more engaging to attract new followers who then turn into customers.

One of Ninja’s goal was to reach people based outside of Eastbourne, such as Brighton and Hastings in East Sussex. They wanted to increase brand awareness in these areas and promote Ninja Arena as a go-to place for fun.

The Ninja team wanted their organic social media and social media advertising to clearly communicate that the venue is for adults and students, not just children, as well as being a great place to hold team building and staff parties.

We were looking for our social media to be more engaging, more creative and to create the fear of missing out. We wanted to also utilise advertising on Meta since we wanted to reach more customers out of area. We wanted to also change the perception that Ninja Arena wasn’t just for children, it was for students and adults.

The Plan

Our work began with fully understanding what Ninja Arena offers and the different types of events they have each week. We then started to outline an organic social media strategy which included creating different content themes, ideas around creatives, researching various local groups and the messaging. We then created a plan and schedule of many different posts including images, Reels and videos, and taking into consideration the days and times of the week. We went to Ninja Arena to shoot social media content so we were able to create engaging and fun content.

We also created a social media advertising strategy and plan, working with Andy to identify the promotional schedule to line up with half term and Halloween for example. We researched different audiences and locations in Eastbourne, Brighton, Hastings and Crawley. Developing engaging videos and carousel images for advertising campaigns.

How Ninja Arena Bloomed

Overall Ninja Arena has seen an increase in customers and the company’s awareness has been raised in the local area and further afield. Our client has seen a significant increase in bookings across the whole of their business including:

  • 239% increase in Party enquiries and bookings
  • 103% increase in Mini Morning bookings
  • 94% increase in Adult Sessions bookings

Ninja Arena’s social platforms have seen a huge increase in followers and engagement on posts on both Facebook and Instagram.

  • Facebook has seen an increase of 50.1% in people reached
  • Instagram has seen an increase of 42% in followers

There has also been a 9% increase in sales in a 3 month period, from visitors from Hastings and Brighton.

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