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23rd July

Writing out scripts for talks, webinars, or even video recording can be a draining and labouring process. However, we have found a great tool that makes the whole process smoother and more satisfying! is a desktop app that uses AI to create a speech-to-text experience that is both seamless and accurate!

How does it work?

It records you as you speak into your microphone on desktop or mobile, and transcribes your speech into a written document. Since Otter keeps the recording after you finish, you can go back and listen again, and make edits to the written piece if necessary.

In the free version, you get access to 600 minutes for live recording and transcribing. You can upgrade to paid plans for, with the “Pro” package offering the ability to import pre-recorded sounds, and the “Business” package giving the ability to integrate Otter with Zoom, and taking notes in meetings so you don’t have to!

Why we love it!

We recently used to provide a script to a videographer to create an autocue ready for filming a marketing course for a project we were engaged with.

Given we are experienced at delivering workshops and webinars, it was great to be able to just speak rather than type in every word – it keeps it very natural and much faster to complete. Especially since we had to write a script for 16 short chapters of video content about marketing planning, traditional and digital marketing activities and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). The time saving was invaluable!

From previous experience using GoogleDocs speech-to-text option, we have found this third-party application to have increasingly more accurate results, and has a simple but effective user interface.

Meeting productivity

The meeting integration option is great for productivity; once the meeting has ended, all team members can access the conversation through the group function, and can go back to reiterate what was discussed in the meeting later if needed.

Sounds good? We love it! Click here to sign up now!

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