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Reels Transitions – Your how-to guide for Instagram!

Date: 16 August 2021

Using Instagram Reels (short videos) can seem like a daunting task to begin with, but we’re here to help you with creating cool Reels transitions.

There are simple, yet effective, editing and filming techniques that you can use within Instagram Reels that will be guaranteed to raise your video game!

Read on for an easy guide to creating entertaining and smooth reels transitions from one scene to another.

Here’s a fun Reels transitions video we did to show you how it’s done – and as an example for the upcoming tips…. Enjoy 😊


“Finger-click” reels transitions

One of the more popular reels transitions techniques is what we’re calling the “finger-click” transition; this is where you click your fingers and an aspect around you changes, for example your location or your clothes, but you stay in the exact same position.

Instagram has integrated editing tools within creating IGTV videos and Reels, which makes the whole thing really easy!

You’ll want to set your camera up first – this will be your mobile phone. On the left hand side bar there is an icon that looks like a stopwatch – this is the Timer function, which is your new best friend!









With the timer function you can set up the amount of seconds you want to film for, along with a countdown so you can get yourself in position for when recording starts.

The first clip you can film will just be you clicking your fingers – try to do this at the end of the time you set for the clip, but don’t worry if there is a slight pause at the end as this can be shortened later.

Then, after you change your background or clothes, you want to set your camera back up and stay in the same position. Luckily, Instagram makes this easy for us, with the align feature! This will appear on your left hand options bar after you film at least one clip.

It gives you a transparent overlap of the last frame you were in before you stopped filming, which makes it heaps easier to get yourself in the exact same position for your second clip. Use the timer function again to give yourself time to get in position and stop filming as and when required.

You can use a variety of reels transitions – jump, click, clap, hand over the camera, pull at clothes and change, various arm movements, spin around etc.!

Editing Reels Transitions

Then, when you have all the clips you want for your Reel, you can go into the editing area.

This is found by following the back arrow in the bottom left corner of your screen. Here, you can edit, reorder or delete clips.

In order to make your click reels transitions super smooth, we recommend snipping the last milliseconds of the first clip and the first milliseconds of the second clip. This ensures you remove any hesitating in either clip, and will make the reels transitions flow much nicer when displayed in a full video. Just drag either end of the bar along as needed. 

Once these edits are done, you’re left with a great video with some smooth and effective Reels transitions.

You then need to add final additional elements and a caption, plus post it in all the right places of course!

Using Reels is a great way to raise your business profile and bring more traffic and followers to your account.

Good luck and have fun creating informative and entertaining Reels!


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    1. very informative and detailed article as always! thanks for sharing it with us.

      • Thanks so much for your comment Priya – you are welcome 🙂 So glad it was useful. Have a great week.

    2. Thank you for sharing this! A lot of people are Instagram nowadays and it is a great way to connect with your customers and promote your products or services. This would be really helpful. Other than Instagram, what other tools do you usually use for marketing?

      • You are very welcome! Glad it is helpful 🙂
        The mix of marketing tools will vary depending on the business and its target audience – as will the best social platforms to concentrate on. Typically a good website with search engine optimisation to bring in leads from Google is vital. Email marketing still works when done well! We are working with a lot of businesses on using LinkedIn for building connections and lead generation too. Networking in person as a traditional technique is still very worthwhile for many SMEs too.
        We have a free marketing planning tool that you can download –
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