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Sussex Business Networking – Does it work for Business Mentor Alison Purves?

Date: 24 February 2015

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Emma Pearce interviews Alison Purves, who is a business mentor at Forever Living Products ( and a Marketing Distributor at Send Out Cards ( about the advantages of multi-level marketing including networking.

(This is part 4 of a series of 4 interviews in Emma’s monthly networking column in the Platinum Business Magazine).

Emma: What networks do you attend?

Alison: I attend two Athena Sussex Network meetings (Lewes and Crowborough) and a Speed Networking Event every month, plus at least one less formal meeting like Ladies Who Latte (Hastings).  I network up to 20 miles from my home office, but I think a business professional should always be networking.  You can network in the supermarket queue, on a train or plane – there may always be people your business can help, or people who know people who can be helped by your business.

Emma: How important is networking in your marketing? What are your objectives for networking?

Alison: Networking is the cornerstone of my marketing.  My objectives are to build relationships with people and then see how we might work together or support each other, as well as see how our product range might help them or people they know.  Relationship building is the key, so following up after a networking meeting is vital.

Emma: Do you utilise other marketing opportunities via the networks you attend?

Alison: I have taken up the ‘member speaker slot’ at the events I attend and taken exhibition stands at relevant events, but I intend to utilise more opportunities!

Emma: Do you prefer a particular format of networking event?  (eg lock-outs and structured meetings vs mingling and chatting?)

Alison: I think all styles of networking have their place, but the key to success is follow-up.  Sending a greetings card straight after an event and following up with a call or social media works well for me.

Emma: What success do you have with networking? How long did it take to get benefits from it? Any top tips?

Alison: 90% of my business volume has been created by networking, I started to see benefits after two to three months, but real momentum after trust had been built via relationships over a longer period of time.  It is important to be at the same events on a regular basis.

Emma: Any other bonus benefits of networking? 

Alison: Great support and friendships from fellow business owners and learning from other members.

Has networking worked for you?  I’d love to hear –

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