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Using Twitter Trends for Ideas for Social Media Content

Date: 24 February 2016

Using Twitter for Business is not about sell sell sell. It’s about creating engagement and conversation bytoast and twitter
providing interesting content for your target audience. People are not on Twitter to be sold to – they are there to be entertained and enlightened.

So, with that in mind, we wanted to share a quick tip with you to help with content ideas for Twitter that you can use for your business…

On 23 February 2016 it was #NationalToastDay. We didn’t know that National Toast Day was happening and perhaps you didn’t either? But we found out because we checked what was “Trending” on Twitter. If a topic or hashtag is “trending” it means that Twitter notices a lot of people are currently tweeting about it. If you don’t know where to see these trends, they’re on the left hand side of your Twitter Feed:

twitter trending


On Twitter’s iPhone and Android apps, you can find trends by simply tapping on the search icon.

Can you currently see a topic or trend that relates to your business in some way? Even if it doesn’t relate completely, is there something you could create discussion around? For example, if you’re an IFA you could tweet about #Budget2016, or if you’re a Car Reseller you could tweet about Aston Martins… By using these trending phrases and hashtags your tweet will be more visible (so you will reach higher numbers of people) because people are searching and viewing tweets on these topics.

Just remember to check notifications on your Twitter account after you have tweeted for any conversation, questions or new follows. Don’t miss any opportunities for more engagement…

You may be lucky enough to have someone ask a question and you can help by directing them to a blog on your website that will give more useful information. Or perhaps you can advise them about other useful resources or events and suppliers … or you can simply share thoughts on a topic – it could be the start of building a new relationship, you never know where it will lead! It’s online networking…

Something to bear in mindTrends are changing every minute (even in the space of writing this blog, other trends and topics have overtaken #NationalToastDay) so make sure you’re quick!


If you would like to learn more about Twitter for business you can read our other blogs on social media. If you would like more social media tips and hands-on social media advice, we offer social media training in East Sussex on all social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+.

Don’t forget, if you have any marketing questions, we would love to help – find out more about our marketing services.

Thanks for reading!

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