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Marketing Funding for Manufacturers 2020-2023

Date: June 2020

This marketing funding is available for manufacturers in East Sussex, Kent, Essex and other parts of the UK but only until March 2023.

The Manufacturing Growth Programme (MGP) goes further than just marketing – it can cover strategy, finance, change, product innovation and development, intellectual property, people and skills, quality, environmental and leadership topics.

Who is eligible for funding?

  • Any manufacturer that is an SME under the definitions issued by the European Commission (who are funding this programme). This means less than 250 employees and and less than 50m Euros Turnover or less than 43 m Euros as a balance sheet total.
  • You need to be based in specific locations – East Sussex (not Brighton or West Sussex), many parts of Kent and Essex are covered (not the London Boroughs), along with various places in the UK.  (Places in Kent that became London are listed here and find out which parts of Essex have changed here.)
  • If you make, produce, print or assemble a product or service of any kind you could be eligible. If you are a new product orginator with your own IP, but your product is manufactured by a third party ready for you to sell, you would still be eligible typically.
  • You would usually need to have a SIC code on your companies house registration that is related to manufacturing.

How does this funding for manufacturers work?

Step 1 – you undertake a 20 minute online diagnostic (growth mapper), with follow up and ongoing support from a Manufacturing Growth Manager

Step 2 – find a specialist for support and access a grant to co-fund your development project

The grant is typically a third of the project value. You do not have to pay this back.

  • You agree a project for the grant
  • You pay the specialist in full – such as Pearce Marketing for marketing strategy, digital marketing, market research, marketing communications etc.
  • You claim back 31% of the invoice you paid via the Manufacturing Growth Programme

The minimum project spend is typically £3k, up to a total of £10k.

So roughly, if you spend £3k you get £1k back as a marketing grant for your manufacturing business. If you spend £10k you would receive £3300 back. There may be an option to split the funding into two £5k projects – but that would need to be discussed with your Manufacturing Growth Manager.

Who to contact

Do get in touch with us to chat through your marketing project.

If you’d like to contact a representative from the MGP to talk through the funding for manufacturers, please contact Daren Booth if you are in the South East on 07971 062 279  or email

  • If you’re an SME based in East Sussex, Essex or Kent there is also some dedicated marketing funding for you find out more.
  • If you provide eco/green-related products and services in East Sussex, Essex and Kent, there is funding available for you.

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