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Marketing Funding for SMEs in East Sussex, Kent and Essex

Date: June 2020

Another wave of marketing funding has just launched for SME’s in East Sussex, Kent and Essex via the South East Business Boost programme (SEBB).

What is the marketing funding for exactly?

The SEBB funding has 3 streams but they are all about growing your business and sustaining your business operations – and, of course, if possible, job creation:

  • Revenue Grant – this is for activities such as marketing planning, a new or improved website project and digital or traditional marketing implementations – this is where we can help. UPDATE MAY 2021 – this has now changed to be an (almost) capital only grant – it can’t be used for just marketing anymore at this time. However, if there is a piece of marketing work that ties in alongside your capital purchase, in order to grow the business, that could work!
  • Capital Expenditure Grant – this is for equipment and vehicles and office furniture, for example. Anything that is helping you be more efficient and productive or support new employees
  • 1:1 Consultancy, Support and Workshops – completely free support services for new enterprises and SMEs (eg up to 8.5 hours marketing support, free workshops/masterclasses) – AVAILABLE NOW! read more in this separate blog

For the revenue grant and captial expenditure grants, you can receive 30% of the cost of the items/business support.

The minimum grant is £1k and the maximum £5k. So this means your project cost must be a minimum of approximately £3k to get £1k marketing funding and up to around £15k for a £5k grant.

Who is eligible for marketing funding?

• SMEs under the specifications provided by the European Commission (who are funding this programme). This means less than 250 employees and and less than 50m Euros Turnover or less than 43 m Euros as a balance sheet total
• You need to be based in specific locations – East Sussex, Kent and Essex (not including Brighton)
• You would not be able to have this funding if you claimed in the first round of SEBB marketing funding

Grants can not be approved retrospectively and there will be an application process. You must wait to see if you are approved by the panel.

How does this marketing funding work exactly?

Well intially you can have a chat with us about your marketing project and we’ll advise on all the latest information we have, as well as introduce you to right member of the SEBB team.

The grant is typically 30% of the project value. You do not have to pay this back.

• You apply for a grant and wait for approval.
• You pay us as your marketing specialist in full for delivering the project
• You claim back 30% of the invoice you paid via the SEBB scheme – submitting a copy of our invoice and proof of payment from your bank account.

Who to contact

Do get in touch with us to chat through your marketing project and we’ll introduce you to the right funding person.

You can also find out more at

  • If you’re a manufacturer there is also some dedicated marketing funding for manufacturers find out more.
  • Do you provide eco/green-related products and services in East Sussex, Essex and Kent? There’s funding available specifically for you, read more.

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