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Instagram Threads: Privacy Concerns & Losing your Instagram Account!

Date: 10/08/2023

😱 Yes, we really did say you could lose your Instagram account!

Following on from our blog announcing the launch of Threads and how to get set up, we are now highlighting the key issues people are concerned about – namely privacy and not being able to delete Threads without losing your Instagram account!

So let’s get into these two issues…

Deleting your account

If you decide you no longer want a Threads account and decide to delete it, you will also bid farewell to your entire Instagram account in the process – a drastic measure.

This quirk in the system could scare the pants off you!

The interdependence between Threads and Instagram has become a subject of curiosity, prompting us to explore the underlying reasons for this apparent limitation.

The answer lies in the seamless integration between Threads and Instagram. Threads rely on the existing Instagram account infrastructure, enabling easy access to your curated content from both platforms.

Although advantageous in terms of convenience and synergy, it creates a tangled web that seemingly binds Threads to its parent platform, Instagram.

Meta acknowledges this current limitation and says it is working towards providing users with the ability to disengage from Threads without sacrificing their Instagram account.

So we all await their next update!

In the meantime, you can deactivate your Threads profile, which means you hide your profile and content so it is not visible on Threads. You also have the option to delete individual posts – all without deleting your Instagram account.

Privacy Concerns

One of the primary reasons for scepticism surrounding Instagram Threads relates to privacy concerns.

Privacy advocates and security researchers have noted that Threads already collects more personal data than many other social media apps; a wide variety of it could be considered invasive, and is also not at all necessary for the app’s function.

Privacy concerns have been raised due to the app’s ability to log browsing history, search history, physical geolocation, employment, union membership, health status, race and ethnicity, sexual orientation and more under the app’s current expansive data collection terms. Almost none of this data is necessary for app function, even for voluntary features.

Data privacy experts have said that although this level of data collection is not unique to Threads, users do risk handing over even more personal information to a company that already knows a lot about account holders.

Threads also offers two new features called ‘Status’ and ‘Auto Status’ that allow you to manually set an emoji as an away message to show Close Friends what you’re up to, or opt in to letting Instagram select one automatically based on your location, accelerometer and even your phone’s battery level.

For example, it can indicate whether you’re “At Home,” “At Work,” or “On the Move”, which has potential security and stalking risks.

To turn your activity status on or off:

  • Go to your Instagram profile.
  • Tap the three lines in the top right, then tap settings and privacy.
  • Below ‘How others can interact with you’, tap ‘Messages and story replies’.
  • Tap Show activity status – here you will be able to turn your activity status on or off.

And let’s not forget the other overall confusion about the duplication of features between Threads and the main Instagram app.

Duplication of Features

Critics argue that Threads replicates many features already available within the main Instagram app.

As a result, some users question the necessity of a separate, simpler messaging platform for potentially just focusing on your closest friends.

It has been said that Meta is aiming to draw people away from Twitter/X – however, you still need an Instagram account to set up Threads – but you don’t have to be active on Instagram.

What are your thoughts on all this?

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