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The Mumpreneurs Networking Club

Date: 19 February 2016

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Review – The Mumpreneurs Networking Club   

By Emma Pearce – Marketing Consultant – marketing planning, outsourced marketing and social media training

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Emma Pearce gets inside the award-winning, ‘not just for women’ Sussex-based network that has gone global

The Mumpreneurs Networking Club (MNC) was launched in 2009 for mums that want to grow their businesses, but need networking events between the school runs.  Now don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s all about baby products, far from it, the range of businesses attending is wide.  It’s not only mums or even just women any more – men attend too, although they are usually outnumbered!  

Having been founded by Nicky Chisholm and Sara Guiel in Brighton, the Club now has 17 venues across Sussex, Kent, Hampshire, London, Essex and Scotland. Each run by a manager under MNC license alongside their own business. It’s a great additional marketing activity and they earn a commission too. The MNC has recently hit 15,000 visits to meetings since the organisation started!

When I attended the Lewes meeting, Nicky Chisholm said “we have created a really supportive, informal and dynamic networking environment – you can’t underestimate the power of a good gossip!”  That said there is a unique and gently structured format to this Club.  


Format of the 90 minute meeting

  • Arrive and purchase a cup of tea or coffee and chip in for the costs of a biscuit
  • The manager opens the meeting with news from MNC, local relevant information about exhibitions and training events, as well as everyone sharing positive outcomes since the last meeting
  •     Everyone stands in a circle and, depending on numbers attending, each person has a 30 second or 1 minute slot to say who they are, what they are offering and mention if they are looking for any specific help or advice. (Try to make a mental or written note of who you want to speak to in the open networking session coming next!)
  •     Open networking time – speak to those that you can help or could help you
  •     Finally everyone gathers back to the circle for closing comments and a group photo that will be published on MNC social media group pages and profiles.


Nicky added “We have a real passion for social media to help our members continue networking online. Everyone tags themselves in the photo taken at each meeting and we’ll help anyone who needs a quick lesson on how to do this! There is also a MNC mobile app which has all sorts of useful information including member contact details and lots of rewards too!”

As well as the Lewes meeting, I also went along to a Pop-Up Mumpreneurs event in Eastbourne as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week. Over 40 people attended (including 3 men). The MNC team worked incredibly hard organising 19 meetings in one week, with 325 visitors across the world, including Thailand, USA and Spain!


Key Facts

  •      Location: cafes, pubs, theatres and community centres that serve tea and coffee in an ever growing number of towns across Sussex, Kent, Hampshire, London, Essex and Scotland
  •      Frequency: Once a month (except August)
  •      Size: average numbers range from 22 – 40 depending on the group
  •      Time: 9.30 or 10 am start for 1.5 hours
  •      Lock out: No – but typically only 2 multi-level marketing companies
  •      30 second or 1 minute round: Yes
  •      Speaker slot: No
  •      Cost: £156 per year (one-off fee if join within 48 hours of attending), or £192 (one-off fee), or £16 per month on a payment plan – plus the cup of coffee!  For you membership you can attend any of the MNC groups each month.


If you are interested in attending or setting up a Mumpreneurs group in your local area, please contact Nicky ( and attend one of their Recruitment Days.


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