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How to record and edit video in the Twitter app on your mobile – Video Guide

Date: 11 July 2016

Here is a guide to some video function in your Twitter app that you may not be aware of.  It’s great for recording video clips and quickly editing them before tweeting!

Here is a step by step video guide on how to record and edit video in the Twitter app on your mobile. (Written instructions below for your reference too!)


Open your Twitter app on your mobile and click on the new tweet button. You’ll now be given the options for uploading a picture, video or live video. We’re going for the middle option. Now you just need to hold down the red video icon and record

You can hold down the button for your first clip and then stop recording by lifting your finger off the record icon. Simply then move to where you want to record your next clip or wait for the next item you want to record and repeat – by holding down the red video icon again.  This creates little clips that sit in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.Twitter video example

Repeat again as many times as you wish – although your total finished video must not exceed 140 seconds. Think of it as different scenes which link as one video – but you will be able to edit…


To ensure your video is top notch you might need to make a few amendments. To delete part of your video, hold the clip you want to remove and drag it up into the centre of the screen and it will delete it (you will see a bin icon). You can also reorder the video sections by dragging and dropping them from side to side.

Tip – After editing the video you can preview it just to make sure it is perfect!



When you are finished click on “done”. Then tweet the video as if it were a normal post. The character limit will update to include your video.
Tip – Just like an image, the video will take up 24 characters of your 140 character limit for a tweet.

Good luck!

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