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A Guide to LinkedIn Auto Video Captions

Date: 26/01/2023

LinkedIn has recently started introducing auto video captions, as well as several other new features. With the aim to make their platform more inclusive to individuals with accessibility needs.

With auto video captions LinkedIn aims to make videos more accessible to those who are deaf, hard of hearing, or prefer to watch videos with the sound off.

Previously the only way you could add captions to videos on LinkedIn was to upload an ‘. srt’ file.

What are Auto Video Captions?

Auto video captions use automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology to transcribe audio and synchronise text with videos to create closed captions.

This means every time you upload a video to LinkedIn that has sound, captions will automatically be generated onto the video. If you upload a video without captions, you’re missing out on a huge audience and opportunities for your audience to engage with your posts.

Many other social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube have had this feature for some time. Facebook started rolling it out back in 2016, showing just how late LinkedIn is to add this feature to their platform.

How to change what the Auto Video Captions say

While you can’t edit the style of the LinkedIn captions, it will allow you to edit the caption text, but only once and only from a desktop.

Simply click edit on the popup window where it says to ‘review’ and ‘edit’ captions.

How to remove captions from your video

Removing captions can only be done on your desktop computer. Again, to do this you will see a prompt at the bottom of the pop-up window that enables you to review and edit the captions.

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