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NEW! Scheduling Posts on LinkedIn

Date: 09/01/2022

In November 2022, LinkedIn started rolling out a post scheduling tool, similar to that available on other social media platforms, like Facebook.

This great new feature allows busy people to schedule their posts as well as easily monitor when they see the best engagement on their posts.

Is this feature available to me?

Go to create a post, if you see a clock symbol next to the ‘post’ button this means the scheduling feature is already available to you. However, if you don’t yet see this button, keep a lookout for it as it shouldn’t be long before it will be available to you!

How to schedule a post on LinkedIn

1. Start creating a LinkedIn post the same way you normally would

2. Once you have written the text and added an image/video, etc, click the clock icon in the bottom right corner of the post editor, just next to the ‘post’ button

LinkedIn creating a post popup - Pearce Marketing


3. You will then be taken to a screen where you are able to select a day and time for your post to go live, as shown below

LinkedIn schedueling a post popup - Pearce Marketing


4. Once you are happy with the time and date your post is scheduled to go out on, hit the ‘Next’ button and then click ‘Schedule’

Note: You will also get the chance to preview your post here.

Where to find your already scheduled posts on LinkedIn

To view your scheduled posts:

1. Go to the post creator (where you would usually start creating a post) and hit that clock icon

2. Below the dropdown menus where you would select the time and day for your post to go live, click ‘View all scheduled posts’

LinkedIn scheduling a post popup - Pearce Marketing


3. Here you will be able to delete scheduled posts or change the publication time using the clock and bin icons in the top right corner

Note: You cannot edit posts here. To edit a post you will need to delete the old post and schedule a new post with the changes you wish to make.

Other ways to schedule posts on LinkedIn

There are also other ways to schedule posts on LinkedIn including using scheduling platforms, such as the Canva scheduling tool, Hootsuite or others.

These platforms may or may not be better for you to use compared to the LinkedIn scheduling tool, it all depends on what features you require when scheduling your posts.

For example if you’re only wanting to post on LinkedIn itself then it would be best to use LinkedIn’s own scheduling tool for ease and to save time. However, if you’re wanting to post on multiple social media platforms it may be more beneficial for you to use another scheduling tool, such as Hootsuite, where you can schedule all your platforms posts at once.

LinkedIn’s new scheduling feature has been a long time coming, as many other platforms already have this feature, plus it’s a great time saver and allows you to plan your content!

Let’s talk

We hope this blog has helped you learn about LinkedIn’s new scheduling feature.

If you’d like additional LinkedIn training, an audit of your profile/business page or a session on how to use Sales Navigator for sales lead generation, please do get in touch!

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